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Friday, 23 December 2011

Lettering Delights: To buy or not to buy (Cut its Set vs Graphic Set)

Hello my crafty friends. Ever since I discovered the wonderful world that is Lettering Delights, I've always wondered about whether I should buy the SVG set (Or Cut-Its Set) or the graphic set. I'm sure you've wondered what the difference is... as have I.

I've recently discovered that both can be used for each other's respective function. An SVG can be converted to a file to be used as a graphic, and vice versa. I've found that using the SVG (or cut file) and converting it to a graphic would be easier than the latter. Although I have not tried the process the other way around, the SVG to PNG was quite simple with the help of Inkscape. = )

I did the conversion in my recent post about Christmas Tags. It was easy enough to convert an SVG from the Lettering Delights Merry Stitchy Set into a PNG file to use for the Print-and-Cut tag project.

So, if you ever find yourself wondering if you should by either, neither, or both, I'd suggest the Cut Its. But, it really does depend on how you craft. Maybe for certain files that just seem to have too many "pieces" or layers, you might already know that you will only be using the graphic function, and so the practical thing to do would be to purchase the graphic set. Or, if prefer to avoid the hassle of converting, do you buy both?

For me, I like having the option to do both and I don't mind the few extra steps to convert, so I will usually purchase the Cut-Its Set since I've gone through the process of the SVG to PNG conversion.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share my thoughts on Cut-Its Set vs Graphic Set. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this too, so feel free to leave a comment on how you decide what to buy and how you use your Cut-Its Sets and Graphic Sets.

Happy Crafting!

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